Manage material costs, labour costs, and other fees, and produce winning proposals for your client projects. 

Include all the required bid elements such as takeoff, labour costs, and all other costs related to the project. Add project notes and send the bid electronically to your client. Follow-up on your quotations.


Contact management

Register all your clients, suppliers, and project sites in a single address book. Customize your labour rates and profit percentage by client.

Materials compilation

View the compilation of all takeoffs produced for one bid. Edit takeoffs as needed, view all takeoffs, and verify your assemblies before generating your bid.

Labour management

Manage time and labour rates, by product, by assembly, or by project. Add your profit percentage in order to determine labour costs.

Management of other fees

Add any other expenses such as transportation costs, building permits, and other fees to your bid as needed.

Reports and documents

View the preset reports available for materials compilation, labour costs, and materials to order.  Overview of all the elements included in your bid. Add documents and photos to the project.

Project status and tracking

Send your quotes directly by email and add a custom message for your client. Add a follow-up date to verify if a project was awarded. Once approved, change the project status.

Discover more software features

Plan Expert

Calculate takeoff measurements and quantities from PDF blueprints.

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Client invoicing

Invoice quotation amounts to client upon approval or upon completion of work.

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Order from the distributor

Turn your bid into an order and send it directly to your distributor.

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