Sonepar Canada: A winning partnership

We proudly partner with Sonepar Canada, one of the country’s leading distributors of electrical products, to provide the best product offer available today. 

We understand how essential it is for specialized contractors to access current products and prices for their industry, when bidding on projects. We also know that successful project bids are largely driven by accurate takeoffs. To create accurate bids, it is essential to have easy access to an updated catalogue, anywhere, anytime.

Our software links both to the distributor product catalogue, and to the online purchasing site to make it easier to order your materials.  We have access to the product databases for the following banners: Lumen, Gescan, and Sesco.

Lumen  Gescan  Sesco

Sonepar Canada

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Sonepar Canada is a leading player in the electrical industry. One of the largest distributors of electrical, industrial and safety products, and related solutions. Sonepar supplies the commercial, residential, industrial, OEM, institutional and municipal markets.

Use distributor products

Over 30,000 products and net prices are integrated in ACCEO Estimation. Leverage preset product assemblies or create your own. Add products from the ACCEO Estimation online catalogue to expand your product database. Save time sourcing by using the complete and updated product catalogue.

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Order from your distributor

ACCEO Estimation offers a unique feature that enables you to create a purchase order from your bid, then send the order directly to one of Sonepar Canada’s banner e-commerce sites: Lumen, Gescan and Sesco.

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